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22 October

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PSYCHO RADIO choosen “Album Of The Week” at Noche de Rock Radio

Our new album, PSYCHO RADIO, has been choosen “Album Of The Week” at Noche de Rock Radio. Óskar Sánchez has written an article about our new album. Click HERE.

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25 September

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‘Song For A Broken Heart’ new Music Video

SOULBANE presents ‘Song For A Broken Heart’, new Music Video of their new album ‘Psycho Radio’. Directed by Jhonny Gleez and featured by the dancer Naomi. Credits: Directed by Jhonny Gleez Makeup: Alex Kennedy Dancer: Naomi  

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20 September

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New album ‘Psycho Radio’ AVAILABLE RIGHT NOW!

Now, you can listen our new album ‘Psycho Radio’. 8 new tracks that you can find at digital platforms (Spotify, Itunes, Pandora, Google Play, Deezer, Soundcloud…).  Listen at SPOTIFY Recorded at Tio Pete Estudio by Beardstudios y José Lastra, and at Estudio Chus Gutiérrez. Mixed by Borja Muro y Javi Peña (Beardstudios) Masterizado by Estanis Elorza at Doctor Master. All songs […]

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About our band


"``Don't think about what you have to sound like. Listen to lots of good music, share it with the rest of the band and just play what comes from the inside``."


After several years running into each other at the underground music scene of Cantabria, the band ‘s lineup has been consolidated with Iván Valle (Odysey, Sangre Fría, Deliverance…) on vocals, Juanma Pinto (King Size Co., Deliverance…) on guitars, Jesús Gutiérrez (Marcelus Wallace, Enmedio…) on bass guitars and Julio Salces (Deliverance, Haven…) on drums, mixing the musical tendencies of each one to create something unique.
The Soulbane’s debut album (‘The Amazing Acrobat Blindman’) was a nine tracks journey through the sound bet of the band. It was recorded at “La Miña Producciones studios” with the production of Natxo Liberty and José Lastra, and the collaboration of Luis Quesada on guitars
The next natural step was to play the album live, but the composition of the song ‘Garden of Bones’ (2012) for the album-book homage to the master Jose Manuel Illera, opened a new time of compositional fever, adding new songs to the live show´s repertoire
These songs will be part of the second album of the band that will be presented in early 2018.

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    (Español) James Room + Soulbane

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